SJWA Authors

Feel Free to visit Our Authors and their websites!

Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Kristin Battestella

Rachelle Chaykin

Diana Crosby

Julie Ann Dawson

Alice DiNizo

Mary Ann Diorio

Jennifer Eaton

Linda Eisenberg

Tina Gabrielle

Kristin Grasso Theckston

Laura Kaighn

Jessica Lauryn

Dina Leacock

Melinda Leigh

Krista Magrowski

Christine Norris

Katherine Polillo

Jane and Caitlen Rubino

Deborah Salanitro

Ilene Schneider

Christy Sloat

Faith Terrell

Kelly Varesio

C. Jovan Williams

Leigh Wood

And Don’t forget about our Virtual Members, the South Jersey in Spirit, and our Gentlemen Friends!

Jeanne Buesser

Nicole Caruso LaBrocca

Christine Cavalier

Donna Beckley Galanti

Jon Gibbs

Emily Guido

Lin and Kat Holmes

Cate Masters

Julia Press Simmons

Mike McPhail

Jonathan Maberry

Penelope Marzec

Sandy Shelonchik

JB Stallworth

Nicole Zoltak


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