Networking Night at the South Jersey Writers Conference!

Our very own Ilene Schneider Rabbi Author was the Keynote Speaker for Networking Night at the South Jersey Writers Conference November 7!


Ilene spoke on everything from the fairy tale of writing life to writer’s block, outlining  versus by the pants, research, marketing, networking, publishing, and more in an informative and bemusing speech.

You can see the full address and Q&A in the video playlist below or stay up to date on the South Jersey Women Authors and visit the South Jersey Writers Conference on Facebook for further information.





Monday’s Friend: Kristin Battestella

Imaginary Friends

Today I am pleased to have horror author Kristin Battestella as my guest blogger. Welcome to Imaginary Friends, Kristin!

Inside the Toy Box – How to use Everyday Things to Inspire Character Personality and Depth!
by Kristin Battestella

Writing is youth. It isn’t outside the box. Stop thinking about all that advice that says break the rules, twist the genre, create something no one has ever created before! Get rid of all those ultimatums in your head and actually do it. Open that Toy Box!

KBWriting in many ways is play-acting. You are creating an imaginative world. Even if you describe a real world setting that you know intimately, one must put a spin on the senses, invoke feelings, and let strangers reading your books know what it is like to be here or there ten, fifty, one hundred years from now. How can you do that if you simply…

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An interview with Kristin Battestella

Our featured author for episode 116 of the Horror Addicts podcast is Kristin Battestella. Kristin has been a staff member at for a couple of years now and also contributed several articles to the Horror Addicts Guide To Life. Kristin will be reading an excerpt from her Fate and Fangs series for episode 116. Recently I asked her some questions about her writing:

When did you start writing?

unnamedI hope it doesn’t sound too pretentious, but I started really early, about when I was eight and nine years old. My mom saved all the stuff I used to write and wrote the dates on them. Those are, of course, pretty bad! I even showed them at several kids book events I did and saw I had spelled ‘author’ as ‘arthur’! I was always dressing up and making up stories and couldn’t keep track of what I was doing…

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“So You Want to Be a Writer?”

Several South Jersey Women Authors were at it again for the latest New Jersey Authors Network Panel in Sewell!

The Ravings of a Sick Mind

You want to be a writer? Then write! But once you’ve written something, be prepared to promote the hell out of it! Here’s a bunch of us Jersey writers sharing our knowledge and experience with the public while also getting the word out about our books.   This time we were at the  Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library in Sewell, NJ and being hosted by the South Jersey Writers. They put out a lovely spread of food, which made me like them immediately. There was cake, fruit, cookies, drinks, more cake, and even some vegetables (I think).

You thought this was going to be a picture of the food table, didn't you? You thought this was going to be a picture of the food table, didn’t you?

Melissa Teta of Melissa Teta Photography took a bunch of wonderful pictures again, so I’m going to post a representative selection of them and make snarky comments in the captions.

There's just no reason not to have this photo in every blog post. There’s just no reason not to…

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A Busy SJWA Summer!

Yep, it’s September, but the ladies of the South Jersey Women Authors had a very busy summer! From North Jersey Summer Signing Series and events to Smithville’s Authors on the Greene, we’ve been everywhere!

From television appearances and events at the A Novel Idea Bookstore in Vineland….

ImageImage…to Monster Mania and the Beach…




We’re Everywhere!!

You can catch more SJWA members along with our New Jersey Authors Network Friends and the South Jersey Writers Group at the upcoming Collingswood Book Festival, Witches Ball, Muse Online Writers Conference, Autumn Authors Fair, and more!!

For all our latest happenings, visit our Yahoo Group!