About the SJWA

Welcome to the South Jersey Women Authors Blog!  Here ladies from the group share our writing advice, tips, adventures, and inspirations.

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Why the SJWA?

In our promotions, author events, book tours, and seminars with the New Jersey Authors Network, we encountered an enclave of women writers in the Southern New Jersey counties.  Many of these ladies were young and new to writing, have day jobs or full time work, are mothers or caregivers, or are elderly, retired, or have health issues of their own.  With such time and energy constrains, it’s tough for a lady to find time to herself to write a book, edit her work, submit her manuscripts, get published or find an agent, and then travel to market her work as it is.  Give all this workload to not only a busy working mother, but throw in the general shyness and creative quietness of us writers, and a gal would seem up the literary creek!

Not so with the South Jersey Women Authors!! We help each other find the time and inspiration to work by creating a variety of events in numerous locations across South Jersey. Why spend time and money to travel far when you can promote locally and socialize in the author community?  Our breakfast casuals, brunch bunches, virtual chats, write ins, and more special events help ladies get out when they, can where they can locally and at the right time – or is that *write*- in pursuit of advancing their writing goals.

All  are Welcome!

Where formal workshops and critique groups sometimes require authors to be a certain genre or have a specific level of publication or writing experience, there are no such boundaries at the SJWA.  Young or unpublished and newly published members can talk with more experienced ladies casually, over a cup of tea, or chat and ask the questions they need to gain inspiration and confidence.  When once shy ladies gain the confidence to then take part at larger New Jersey Authors Network panels, seminars, and workshops, our purpose is fulfilled.  No mother who gave up her writing for her family or a working woman who has less time thanks to her career should feel like her writing has to wait or can’t be done because of these constraints.  With the SJWA, you can talk literary shop, exchange writing tips, and arrange book meets, greets, and writing critiques when and where you need. Ladies of all literary ages and experiences are welcome to partake in our socials and events, be they published, unpublished, beginner, experienced, best sellers, self published, fiction, non fiction, genre, journalism, poetry, memoir – in fact, we have a little bit of everything!

Our Locations.

While New Jersey is a small state, some distances are simply too great for a busy mom or working gal to travel for author workshops or events.  South Jersey itself is still a generous area, and we have members from each of the southern counties – Burlington, Ocean, Camden, Gloucester, Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem, Cape May – and even Philadelphia members, too.  These areas can still be near to some and far to others, so the SJWA has local, smaller clubs in each county offering a variety of events. Some authors attend several of our regular socials and locations, others only one.  Wherever you are, the SJWA wants you to know you are not alone in your writing pursuits and there are ladies who understand your author needs a relative stone’s throw away.  If you live in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware area and want to discuss writership with your literary neighbors, you are welcome to join us! Even our further friends, virtual neighbors, and others ‘South Jersey in spirit’ are welcome to take part in our Yahoo Group, Facebook Page, and Monthly Chats for a helping dose of writerly inspiration from a women’s perspective.

What about the Boys?

While some gentlemen are naturally confidant speakers and publication businessmen- or if they are not they often seem to carry themselves well and look so good at it! However, believe it or not, a few local male authors friends of the SJWA have indeed expressed interest in our toe in the water, soft approach to author events and workshop help compared to the often required thick skin baptism by fire world of critiques, rejections, and those aforementioned writer neuroses.  We’ve had so much interest, in f act, that a companion Gentlemen Authors of South Jersey group is in the works!

What we can do for you!

As our writing ladies naturally wanted to write, share, and apply our inspirations, advice, and educations, a blog seemed only natural. Here you can take the tips of the trade you need to help you dust off that manuscript and type THE END!

Get Involved!

To begin your interaction with the SJWA,  drop by our Mailing List or say hello on Facebook




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