“So You Want to Be a Writer?”

Several South Jersey Women Authors were at it again for the latest New Jersey Authors Network Panel in Sewell!

The Ravings of a Sick Mind

You want to be a writer? Then write! But once you’ve written something, be prepared to promote the hell out of it! Here’s a bunch of us Jersey writers sharing our knowledge and experience with the public while also getting the word out about our books.   This time we were at the  Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library in Sewell, NJ and being hosted by the South Jersey Writers. They put out a lovely spread of food, which made me like them immediately. There was cake, fruit, cookies, drinks, more cake, and even some vegetables (I think).

You thought this was going to be a picture of the food table, didn't you? You thought this was going to be a picture of the food table, didn’t you?

Melissa Teta of Melissa Teta Photography took a bunch of wonderful pictures again, so I’m going to post a representative selection of them and make snarky comments in the captions.

There's just no reason not to have this photo in every blog post. There’s just no reason not to…

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About Kristin Battestella

When other kids were playing with dolls and teddy bears, this South Jersey born and bred addict KBatz was watching Price, Lee, Hitchcock, Dark Shadows, Alien, anything and everything in analysis of what was scary and why. In the dark ages of 20th century high schoolery, a teacher coined her ‘Mistress of Darkness’ thanks to a penchant for horror fiction, quirky essays, and paranormal reviews - and this Susie Homemaker style with a side of spooky lives on today. Be it vamps, scares, or weres, you name it freaky or macabre and she is there - irregardless of how you pronounce macabre. For more bent paranormal fiction and horror film, television, and literature reviews, find Kbatz' insanity on the web at vampfam.blogspot.com and ithinkthereforeireview.blogspot.com

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