Father’s Day Family Book Extravaganza June 15!


We’re having a FATHER’S DAY FAMILY BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday June 15 at the Novel Idea Chapter II Bookstore in the Landis Marketplace, 631 Landis Avenue, Vineland, 08360.

Join Local Authors for a Celebration of Literature!!!

Members of the New Jersey Authors Network and Ladies from the South Jersey Women Authors Group invite Moms, Dads, Kids, Families, Young, Old, and Young at Heart to Enjoy Readings from Area Authors, Dine on Sweets and Spring Refreshments, and Take Home a Good Book – all in celebration of Father’s Day!

Authors scheduled to attend: Kristin Battestella, Jon Gibbs, Laura Kaighn, Artie Bennett, Danielle Ackley McPhail, Mike McPhail, Christy Sloat, C. Jovan Williams, Emily Guido, Brian McKinley, and Scott Mulraney

Walk along Landis Avenue and dine with authors outside, or shop downstairs at the Amish Market and find more authors! Want to hear a great children’s story or speak to a local writer? Find us at A Novel Idea! Beverages to whet your whistle, Home Baked Goods to ease that Sweet Tooth, Books to open the Mind!!!

Make June 15 a Special Time for Moms, Dads, and the Whole Family to have a treat and share in the love of local literature. Author topics include Children’s Books, Middle Grade, Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Light Paranormal, New Adult, Fantasy, Horror, General Adult Fiction, and More!

Bring your Camera, you never know what Costumed Treats or Local Celebrities are in store. This Father’s Day, we have something for Everyone in the Family!

Mark your Calendars and Join Us!

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About Kristin Battestella

When other kids were playing with dolls and teddy bears, this South Jersey born and bred addict KBatz was watching Price, Lee, Hitchcock, Dark Shadows, Alien, anything and everything in analysis of what was scary and why. In the dark ages of 20th century high schoolery, a teacher coined her ‘Mistress of Darkness’ thanks to a penchant for horror fiction, quirky essays, and paranormal reviews - and this Susie Homemaker style with a side of spooky lives on today. Be it vamps, scares, or weres, you name it freaky or macabre and she is there - irregardless of how you pronounce macabre. For more bent paranormal fiction and horror film, television, and literature reviews, find Kbatz' insanity on the web at vampfam.blogspot.com and ithinkthereforeireview.blogspot.com

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